Have you ever read someone chat during travelling in locals?

Umm, A few times. (I shouldn’t have)

I traveled a lot in my college time in bus, My college was in my city, and Also my parents had me a private vehicle service for college, but I was a wanderer I was used to leave college unofficially (almost 90% of the times) and chill with my friends in the city.

I never traveled in the private transport which my parents allotted me with to go to college everyday, I did travel, maybe a couple of time though.

So, I did get used to use public transport instead of, to wander here and there all of the city. And, I was loner back then, still I am. Hence, I did sit lot of times with strangers beside me, and I literary took a peek at people’s chat a couple of times (I regret it though). Because, I didn’t have anything at that moment to do, still it doesn’t matter, shouldn’t have done that.

I remember an interesting story happened with me once, I saw a young boy (about less than 5 year older than me) chatting with his girlfriend and he was talking very intensely than he didn’t looked anywhere except his mobile all the way. He even didn’t care if someone would really peeking his mobile or his intense chat. At that moment I didn’t found it like serious matter or amusing, it was to me like normal; I mean a very young boy chatting with his girlfriend what could be wrong here, me being simply accepting that I never had a girlfriend, accepting being an total idiot and a total introvert (still the same).

But, When I couldn’t resist watching his Hike chats in a Google Nexus, I realized there was something going wrong, I saw some really unappealing words, and some of the words were really awkward, besides ‘Love’ and ‘miss’. But some words are that bad that I couldn’t ever able to speak or chat to a girl in my life. I shouldn’t want to disclose the words here or his chat, it would be purely evil of me, But I confirmed, through is chat that something is really not good, and the opposite party was as responsive as this boy’s words, I even saw her name. It was their private matter, It could be completely normal, It was just that I found irrelevant at that sort of a age, talking with that kind of words that even elder guys would think a lot of times to ever say to any girl. I still regret taking a peek at this boy’s chat, I shouldn’t have, It shooked me from inside, I regret my doing and decided never to peek at someone’s chat ever in my lifetime, I sure as heaven I never did till now.

+Do not peek at anyone’s chat even with your friends chat, unless he/she shares with you. otherwise it would be very unethical and against private matters and morals.