Does Duronto Express reach its destination on time?

See it depends. The thing which must be understand is that Duronto gets priority after Shatabdi and Rajdhani. Being a version of non-stop train, the train usually arrives a point either on time, before time or delayed. Hence if it reaches a point before a time hence it is either looped or stranded at outer, hence physically when reaches the station it is late. And if is running late then will surely be looped. This is because being a non-stop train because of regulation of traffic overhead this train is stranded in midway. But when comes to Rajdhani, it has stops hence do have minimum time gap between two points. So the traffic management is done accordingly. But for Duronto it is not so.

See the reaching time of Rajdhani and Duronto Express

This is sdah 12260 Duronto reached late by 1 hour 20 minute still being non-stop and having 85 km/hr avrg speed and 140 km/hr mps

This is sdah Rajdhani reached on time. Have more stops, speed less than Duronto with avrg of 82 km/hr and mps of 130 km/hr.

It’s usually on time. These trains comes under premium class and takes priority over other mail or express trains. I have travelled Mumbai-Indore and Mumbai-allahabad duronto couple of times and it was on time.

However, if it’s a bad day, there could be a technical issue due to which it may get delayed. One of my relative was travelling in Mumbai-Delhi Duronto and for whatever issue it got delayed by more than 4 hrs.

Further, you also can’t do anything with other general issues like political or regional agitation, protest or something due to which the train may get delayed.

The duronto express in recent times have lost its priority…For eg. The howrah new delhi duronto gets overtaken by the rajhdhanis if its late…And for a change its always late. The howrah new delhi duronto & the sealdah new delhi duronto are never on time.

Allahabad new delhi duranto reach its denstinationm mostly in time .it is anon stop train from new delhi to Allahabad

Cannot predict.

Usually it reaches on time, but sometimes it is late but not more than an hour. And very few times, it reaches early.