If I miss my departing flight, can I take another one way flight and still make it on the return leg of the trip I initially purchased?

It depends.  If your  flights are part of a complete round trip purchased on a single itinerary/airline, then the answer is no, since the first flight/airline will automatically cancel your itinerary after you miss the first flight.

If you can, what you should do as soon as you miss your flight (or even before is better, when you know you will miss the flight) is contact the airline of the flight you missed, and ask to be put on the standby list of the next flight, telling them you know for a fact you’ll miss your flight.  In some cases they may be able to even confirm you on the next flight.  Some airlines will also charge you a fee for this (standby fee) and for confirmation on a different flight (rebooking fee).  But by doing this, your return leg will still be valid, and you will still be active in their system.

If the airline cannot get you on one of their flights, then ask if they can book you a new itinerary with just your return flight, if you yourself, can find an alternate flight on a different carrier to your destination.  I’ve had this done when I needed to take a different airline due to schedule, and was able to get the airline to generate me a completely new itinerary on the same return flight only.  It probably helped that I had status on the airline.

Good luck.

It has been my experience that when I miss a flight, the airlines book me on the next available flight.  They know about the return flight and would not cancel it. If you’re just not going to show up for the flight, you better call them and tell them the situation and ask that they leave the return booked.  You will not get refund for the outgoing flight.   If you have two one-way tickets on two separate airlines  each airline has no knowledge of the other.  So your return flight would not be messed with by the outgoing airlines.  If you have two separate one-way tickets on the same airline, you will may not get a refund for the outgoing portion (depends on the fare and their rules)  and you will still have to call them to tell them you are using the return as they will have linked them together in their computer.

It depends on many factors, one of which is which brand you are flying with.

I planned a trip to from Ho Chi Minh → Istanbul → Nevsehir (one way) and Athens → Istanbul → Ho Chi Minh (return) and I flew with Turkish Airline. When I missed my flight the night I was supposed to board the plane, I panicked a little bit. I asked the receptionists at the information counter in the airport and they told me I had to cancel the whole thing because I would not be able to use my return trip ticket from Athens to Ho Chi Minh.

Lucky I didn’t follow their advice, nor did I listen to what they said then. I phoned the ticket agency at Turkish Airline in my country, and they said I could use the return ticket. All I had to do was to wait until the next day when I could run some procedural administration to change my ticket there.

I had to pay:

$65: ticket change

$130: no-show charge

$65: price difference between two flights

Instead of canceling the whole thing and buying a whole new set of tickets, I paid the total amount above. I think it really depends on which flight brand you are flying with. Certain brands have policies to support their customers while others do not. The best we can do is I think to phone and ask the ticket agency of that brand for the most accurate information.

If you’re going to miss your initial flight, you should contact the airline as soon as possible. Many airlines will accommodate you at no extra cost on a space-available basis, as long as you present yourself at the airport or advise the airline of your trouble no later than 2 hours after the scheduled departure of the initial flight. This is known within the industry as the “flat tire” rule, and is designed to accommodate passengers who experience unexpected difficulty in getting to the airport. You won’t find it officially published anywhere… it’s an unwritten rule that many airlines use on a discretionary basis.

Every airline has its own policy, and the low-cost airlines are usually (but not always) the least flexible.

You can, but you’d have to book that flight again. When you miss your departing flight for most airlines, your other flights are automatically cancelled. Just go on a booking website, look for that flight and book it. You will be paying more than what you probably originally paid, but at least you won’t be stranded. Good luck.

If you have already booked the return ticket then you can of course take the return flight. From what I know about flight bookings and what I understood from your question, both the flights will be considered as separate bookings which are given to you as a package. So you can normally go n take your return flight as long as you haven’t cancelled your ticket.

Yes. If it’s with the same airline. If miss your flight and take another airline chances are they cancelled your return flight. You can easily call the airline and keep the return flight or reschedule it.

Depends totally on situation. If boarding pass has been issued and seat is confirmed then your ticket is wasted.

But if you just bought the ticket and has not confirmed the seat you have to pay a penalty depending on Airline policy and have to wait for another flight. if your departure is before the return flight arrival yes you can use the same ticket.

This kind of scenarios called noshow ticket. Once you get noshow a ticket , the entire journey will be cancelled. In most cases , especially promotion tickets are non refundable. You can reissue the tickets by paying either reissue penalty and noshow penalty or noshow penalty only. Call the agent or airline office

Each airline has their own rules on this. The one I work for will allow you to rebook that missed flight for free or with a small fee. Sometimes you may have to go standby on the next flight if it is full but the return just stays the same.

Yep, but expect some additional charges for cancellation and re-booking.

Probably not.   Most airlines have a rule which says “you must use all of the flights in the order you see on the ticket, if you miss one we’ll cancel everything after the one you miss”.

No, the airline will usually cancel your ticket if you miss the first leg.