How to find the best time to book air tickets for a specific destination for a specific date

Airlines use yield management algorithms to price their seats. The price is constantly in flux and depends on when + what price other passengers are buying tickets for the same flights – among other more predictable factors such as festivals or holidays. The idea is not only to ensure that as many seats as possible are filled, but that the airline is able to meet the actual costs of the flight. It’s important to keep in mind the cost per seat on a commercial jet. If every seat is full it’s generally considered to be between 8-12 cents per air mile. So, for example, on a 120 seater from LA-NYC, completely full, each seat would average at $246.20. You can see why it’s important to sell at least some seats at $800 to compensate for other seats that aren’t filled.

So how does one play this algorithms game, you ask?

Step One – Eliminate any obvious high-price times/days. Look into the local calendar of events for your destination and timeframe. Are there any big, disruptive conferences? holidays? festivals? You can guess that flying in on a Friday and out on a Sunday is probably what everybody else wants to be doing also. Avoid the rush times when possible. I used to commute as a Flight Attendant, and always tried to do so on Saturday afternoon for the emptiest flights.

Step Two – Clear your browser’s cookies before searching for flights online. Many airlines and booking sites such as Expedia and Kayak track how many times you’ve visited their websites, and modify the price based on your visits. Remember to clear it each time you search!

Step Three – Search for flights witth hipmunk and setup up email notifications which will keep you posted on your flight’s price. I believe they have a very highly rated app, as well as the option for SMS notifications. Hipmunk also sorts results by “Agony,” if you like. The combination of price, flight duration, and number of stopovers – if that is something you would want to consider. After all, time is money. And pain costs you… extra medication?

Step Four – If you notice a new price via your hipmunk app, plug the same flight into Bing’s flight search. They have a “price predictor” function, with pretty colors, that tells you the % likelihood that the fare will go up or down from there for your specified dates.

Good luck and happy travels!

I read through various answers that were provided here. My answer is very specific to domestic airfares in India.

For the last 3yrs, I have been researching domestic airfares in India and hence I can provide some insights from what I have observed.

  1. 35–45 days before flight:
    As a thumb rule, book your flight 35–45days in advance. Generally, this is the period that the fares are the lowest. This is just a thumb rule, hence read the next point.
  2. Book during airfare sale period:
    Domestic airlines in India offer air tickets on sale almost every month. This is to fill up the flight especially during periods of low demand.
  3. Avoid booking in the last 21 days:
    In case you missed booking during the 35–45 day mark, never wait closer than 21days before flight. Airfares increase dramatically in the last 3 weeks before flight.
  4. Airfares do fall:
    Remember that airfares fluctuate all the time. If you have more than 45days for your flight and you find the fare going up consistently, wait for it. What goes up, will come down.
  5. Be flexible:
    You can save a lot of money just by being a little flexible with your time of flight, if not the day of flight.

These researches went into the development of Unfare – India’s first airfare prediction engine which I created to predict the best time to buy an air ticket in India. It suggests you to WAIT if the fares are too high or BUY if the fares are low (screenshot below).

Want to see how a typical airfare changes over time? See the graph below:

This graph probably sums up what I have mentioned earlier.

We have scripts that immediately spot an airfare sale in the domestic Indian market. So yes, we know about an airfare even before the airline officially declares it! You can subscribe to these airfare sale alerts here: Airfare sale alert

Recently, we also started predicting when an airfare sale is going to occur. This is currently undergoing testing and we will make it public once its ready. For more airfare analysis, read our blog at: Unfare Blog

Looking to book a vacation? Planning for a get away? Wondering what is the best time to book the air tickets? A study published this week the prime time for airfare deal and the best time to book tickets for domestic and international trip.

This study surveyed by taking a look at 351,568,000 airfares for 1,098,650 international flights over the course of last year across 3,010 international markets. It revealed the fact that instead people buying the air tickets too early or at the last minute isn’t as beneficial as booking it somewhere in the middle.

Smart flyers ought to be apparently reserving their domestic flights between three weeks to three and a half months ahead of the desired travel date. Whereas people planning for international trips, must book their tickets nothing less than two months in advance.

This survey gave a summary of the best time to book air tickets in advance to avail best airfare deals: (Per CNBC)

Canada: 59 days

Mexico: 61 days

Asia: 90 days

Europe: 99 days

Africa: 119 days

Middle East: 119 days

Central America: 61 days

Caribbean: 76 days

South America: 81 days

According to the survey, Flights between Asia and US should be booked three months prior to the date of travel.

Why? Because… CEO Jeff Klee told to CNBC: “There is an excess capacity on trans-Pacific flights (especially China), if there are more seats available at the lower price point at dates closer to travel, the over-supply might explain this phenomenon, at least in part.”

However, this survey offers a proviso to their cheaper-than-normal estimations. They don’t include major holidays.

Travelling during peak season will certainly guarantee high pricing of the air tickets. That specially goes for summertime season.

One basic tip and hack for cheap travelling is..Don’t travel when everyone else is. .!!!

Public Votes: Do you know when is the best time to book super cheap flight?

According to may sources the best days are Tuesdays and the cheapest flights can be booked around 3 months in advance.

My advice would be:

  1. If you are not bothered with a precise date follow websites like HolidayPirates | Cheap holidays, city breaks, flights & hotels or Secret Flying | Cheap Flight Deals to see if there are any deals they hunted
  2. if you have a date in mind – sign up to price alerts from Search Flights, Hotels & Rental Cars on KAYAK and Skyscanner | Find the cheapest flights fast: save time, save money! as they advice if the price has the upward or downward tendency.

In general, travel on low demand times, meaning that if there’s a national holiday, than travelling right after usually means that you can find lower prices, also, prices in the winter (excluding chrismas or new year’s eve) would usually result in lower prices.

because prices are set by supply & demand and supply is finite during high season, than travelling on low seasons is the best way to ensure low prices.

I would suggest checking wander which allows you to find travel destinations according to your budget (flights + hotels), might make this whole job easier.

Find travel destinations according to your budget & preferences.

There are a few different ways to answer this question.  I gravitate to Hopper and Kayak as tools of choice on price and timing with a mix of Google flights for cross checking, for hard to reach destinations, wiki travel for obscure airlines then ultimately booking on the airline with mileage card.

Hopper is a new time tracker alerts based app designed to track prices and alert/inform you when to buy.  There is a sweet spot for purchasing tickets in the middle of the week in the middle of the day while not searching and pricing too much.  I’ve noticed I can drive a price up by simply checking on too many different sites.  Kayak as well will show you a graph  to let you know if you should wait or buy.  International is usually 4 weeks or more prior but less than 3 months with frequent flier based mileage as an exception where further is better.  Domestic 2 weeks or more but less than 2 months, but these definitely vary and even between airlines.  I have yet to find a last minute airline that’s cheaper.  Most discount fares favor the early bird.

You can find the best time to book your air tickets by doing research on the internet.

When I say research it means that you have to spend some time in analysing the flight ticket prices on couple of days on a weekend. But you have to do all these in complete secrecy from your browser.

Enable private/Incognito window in your web browser before browsing. If possible you should use VPN. Some of my suggestions are

  1. Tor browser
  2. Epic browser
  3. Security kiss free software

By using these tools or applications you are not letting flight ticket booking websites to track your activity on th same.

General suggestions would be to book tickets on Monday as it is the time the websit may display lesser price considering most people go to work. Just my thought you know and at the same time go for Thursday as well.

At last it is the research habit will get your jackpot of finding a cheap ticket.

Good luck.

Advance Bon Voyage.

Sathish Kumar

In my personal experience, I have found that most airlines release cheapest tickets about 12 month in advance which are few and get sold out pretty quickly. If you miss them, wait until its 7/8 weeks to the journey date, you will find the price at its lowest point. According to this huffington article, Jeff Klee (CEO of Cheap Airline Tickets, Airfares & Discount Air Tickets) says that “the low point is 47 days in advance, on average.” For example, CheapAir monitored a 7-day flight from Los Angeles to New York to see how many times the price changed. About 320 days before the trip, the flight cost $357. But about 3 months before the trip, the flight dipped to $318. Overall, the price changed 107 times, going as low as $290 and as high as $597.

Also, subscribe to FareAlerts from Kayak or Hipmunk. In my opinion, these travel aggregation sites have possibility the best and most intuitive UI design. Kayak has an algorithm that can see trends in pricing, historical prices and will tell you whether to buy now or wait.

You can read more such travel hacks on my blog here: 7 ethical flight booking hacks you didn’t know about !!! – DesiCompile

It depends on whether it is international or domestic. While for domestic,announcement of special offers is the trigger, for international tickets, booking at least 90 days in advance, ensures, good rates. Avoid journeys during the peak seasons like Christmas/New Year/Diwali/Summer vacations etc. The best rates are generally available on Wednesday travels, followed by Tuesdays. Always try to obtain rates from different web sites using anonymous browser without revealing your identity. There is a practice in travel industry that if the same query comes from the same IP address, rates are jacked up.

There used to be rumors that there was a “best time”, etc, however it does not seem to follow such a pattern anymore.

Nowadays sometimes the best deals on certain flights are on the day the flight is leaving while for other flights the best deals will be months in advance.

Take a look at the FlyerTalk forum to find cheap flights, and use a tool such as Google Flights to find the cheapest routing for flights. With Google Flights you can pick your starting point and then see on a map the cost of everywhere you could go to on that specific day. Using this you can possibly find cheaper places to fly to that are relatively close to your final destination.

For domestic flights within the U.S it is between 90 days and 21 days before departure. So, three months to three weeks before departure. For international flights, it depends on the season, and competition.

According to may sources the best days are Wednesdays and the cheap flights can be booked around 3 months in advance.

There are many online Travel Agencies which offers cheap flight tickets,search and compare flight tickets prices in top OTA’S.OTA’s gives flexibility like you can search for particular Airline Prices,you can book for particular destinations with Particular airlines,you can also search and book flights for particular day with lowest fares on particular routes with particular flights

if you subscribe for those websites you can know more details like flight offers,flight schedules ,lowest fare etc through their emails or notifications

You shouldn’t book airline tickets too soon or past the point of no return.

On the off chance that you as a rule attempt to book your flights as ahead of schedule as you can, feeling that it’ll spare you cash, you may not really be doing yourself as quite a bit of some help as you think. In case you’re not wanting to movement over an occasion or other high-activity days, 45 days early is the point at which you’ll likely locate the cheap flight tickets, with worldwide goals requiring somewhat more notification ahead of time. Booking far too soon may imply that you’re paying more than you have to and that the costs will go down when the date gets somewhat nearer.

Same goes for booking past the point of no return, however. In case you’re trusting that booking a minute ago will imply that you’ll have the capacity to exploit any arrangements the aircraft is putting forth with an end goal to fill the flight, you’ll likely be frustrated.

Voyagers are continually searching for the best arrangement, however most markdown airfares as a rule require a 21-day propel buy. Regardless of whether you’re feeling fortunate, it’s far-fetched you’ll have the capacity to score a very late arrangement. You’ll wind up paying significantly more, and that builds the cost of different things, similar to movement protection.

Please check more info on


You can work with a Farefetcher, Become a Farefetcher.

Farefetch is like Uber, but for booking flights. Travelers submit their flight itinerary + budget, a Farefetcher finds them the best deal, and the Farefetcher keeps the money they save the traveler.

So, all you have to do is tell them your budget.

Generally, according to websites that provide ticket price histories, it’s best to buy your ticket 6 months or so in advance. This is a little after the airlines have finalized their schedules, but before the large rush to buy tickets has started. If you’re talking about what time of day it’s best to buy your tickets, there really is no best time.

Thanks for the A2A, Korey Daniel!

You might want to try FLYR. .
FLYR is a flight search tool that uses predictive analytics to find the best airfare. Enter in your typical flight search and FLYR shows you the lowest available fares as well as a 7-day airfare forecast, which shows how the fare is likely to evolve over time.. It makes a “Buy” or “Wait” recommendation depending on the odds, which makes decisions easier. If you like the price but need more time to decide, consider using FLYR’s exclusive price protection solution, FareKeep, to lock in the current airfare for the next 7 days.

Hi there!

I know that this is really hard to find the cheapest flight.  First, you can try to search for Tuesday flights, and try to search to nearby airports, maybe you will be able to save lots of money with a 30 min bus ride. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Also you can use mobile applications for this case. For example, this app Cheap flights — Jetradar – Android Apps on Google Play  allows you to add tickets to favorites and track price changes, and soon they are going to add push-notifications!

This is the simplest way, I suppose, just find your ticket and wait until it become cheaper.

Select “Packages” to book your hotel at the same time as your flights …. When you search a particular route, that clearly tells you what .

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Order ASAP. When the tickets first become available, most people don’t really order the ticket because not all people have a solid plan. Say for example you are either going to LA or London. You are not sure and solid. If you do decide you’re going to London, order early. At this point, tickets are in low demand. This can score you a business or fist class seat for a very sweet price on some airlines.

So that the online travel portal is developed for helping customers to book cheapest air tickets by sorting options in the search flight list. It has a very effective booking engine available for booking specific destination or for a specific date. This travel portal is designed to help customers or agents to book tickets of their choice and travel deals is also very cheap if travel portal is developed by