How to book a flight for free to apply for a visa

What is Flight itinerary ?

Flight itinerary is a safer way of submitting a visa application without buying an actual flight ticket which can prove to be very expensive if your visa is refused. Last year alone over 1 million Schengen visa requests were rejected.

Source: Schengen Visa statistics for consulates – 2016 – Schengen VISA Information

You do not have to submit your actual flight ticket and hotel bookings to your consulate unless you are asked to

In fact, the European union visa requirements for visa states the same.

Another source,

Should you buy your flight ticket before your visa is approved ?

In short No,

Europe is currently not enjoying the stability it once had. This has reflected in the number of Schengen visas approved where there was a 32 % increase in visa rejection rates compared to last year. Here is our 5 reasons to not buy your flight & hotel bookings before your visa is in your hand.

How you can get temporary flight itinerary for your visa application ?

If you want to use an online travel agent, you can ge this done on TravelVisaBookings – Get Flight Itinerary & Hotel reservation for any visa. They are one of the most reliable travel agents online we provide flight, hotel and insurance(Schengen visa approved) on the internet.

What does flight itinerary visa application mean ?

A flight itinerary is the proposed route of an airline information such as flight name, departure/arrival timings along with dates, your flight code, departure/arrival airport IATA codes(Ex: FRA, BLR, SFC) and your flight reservation/booking numbers. A flight ticket is just a meta-description of your flight .

Here is how a condensed flight booking for Schengen visa information looks like. Note that below is not the application that you need to submit.

This is a simple roundtrip flight itinerary for visa application. Though this alone is not useful since you also need to have an itinerary number for a flight itinerary for visa.

Here is a sample flight itinerary that is from a travel agent using an old GDS system such as Amaedus. This flight itinerary is sufficient to get your visa .

Flight itinerary & flight booking for visa application.What is the difference ?

A flight itinerary is just a schedule of a flight that describes their plans for that day such as departure/arrival timings and information about the airport along with aircraft number. This is not that different from a flyer that you get in the movie theatres which explains movie timings.

A flight booking is an actual ticket .You would pay the full price for the ticket and if you want to cancel the ticket in case your visa application is rejected, you would lose the entire price that you paid for the ticket. Here is what the Dutch embassy says about the reservation.

Do you need to book a flight before applying for visa ?

No .You don’t need to book a flight ticket before you apply for a visa . We see this question asked often such as on stackexchange flight itinerary. The visa consulates also realise that the rejection rates for visa applications are remarkably high (Denmark at one point of time had only 35% acceptance rate).

It is not wise to expect visa applicants to actually buy the flight ticket and risk losing hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars if the visa application is rejected. Then why do visa consulates ask for flight itinerary and reservations :

  • To establish that you do have flights from your city to your destination.
  • To validate your flight itinerary against your travel itinerary that you have submitted. If you have mentioned that you will be holidaying in France but your itinerary says Germany. Then something is fishy.
  • When you apply for Schengen visa, then you must apply in the visa consulate of a country in which you would spend the most time in.

Ex : if you are holidaying for 20 days and plan to stay in France for 15 days . Then you should apply for your visa in the French consulate. But if you are spending 10 days in France and 10 days in Germany, then you will need to apply in that consulate where you would be landing first.

So to reiterate, please book your travel ticket once your visa application has been confirmed.

Here is another link which explains why it is not a good idea to get an air ticket before your visa has been approved.

How to get a flight booking for Schengen visa or make a flight reservation confirmation without buying an actual flight ticket ?

You have two options :

  • Find a local travel agent who uses the old travel booking system where flight booking is a two step process ,where the first step is a reservation and the next step is booking.This usually comes at a price somewhere between $30 to $60 since the agent makes a commission only when he buys the ticket for you.
  • Use services of course !! When you buy a flight itinerary from their website you get the below benefits on top of getting the flight itinerary at the cheapest price possible since they have their own Amaedus system.
  • Personal cover letter (travel itinerary for visa )
  • leave/no objection letter (Needed to be signed by your employer saying he is ok with you travelling)
  • Hotel bookings (proof of accommodation)
  • Help in filling out the visa application with a free sample and tips on filling out your visa application online

With a guaranteed delivery of all your documents within the same day you buy their package, you are just a couple of steps away from submitting your application. See all their visa application packages and choose the right one for you.

Booking flight free is possible but that would be reserved only for 24–48 hours are that sufficient for you? If YES so that is pretty fine because I saw that on American Airlines but keep in mind if you’re applying for any country visa application so you need a flight reservation which should be valid at least for 2 weeks or more. Did you know this before?

Don’t worry it’s not difficult as you’re thinking let me come to the straight point.

As you and I know that flight reservation or flight itinerary is one of the mandatory document in your visa application process and you should keep this with yourself on visa interview time.

Now here the question arises how and where one of my friend Madelaine recently visited Barcelona and he used flight reservation provided by Flight Reservation For Visa Without Buying Actual Flight Ticket Flight Reservation For Visa Without Buying Actual Flight Ticket he suggests me this website as well because he was pretty surprised about their quick response.

He also sent me her reservation screenshot for my clarification and after saw that my whole hesitation gonna off.

The most interesting part I found was her reservation was verified on Air France website and she got her visa approved after visa interview because her visa process gone very smooth.

I just thought to come here and write about her interaction with me here and share her visa process.

Next week I’m also planning to visit Prague so I’m excited to use their flight reservation services on that time for my visa process.

Few things I would love to write here, according to their website representative Mona, purchase your flight reservation only before 1–2 days before the visa interview. Don’t be too hurry!! Because their flight reservation only valid for more than 2 weeks period.

Another important aspect you have to keep in mind, if you’re very particular about any airlines so must let them know and don’t forget to re-check your reservation on airline website for safety.

Good Luck for your trip!

Yes, you can reserve your flight without paying the real cost of the flight ticket. Don’t be confused, please! Let me elaborate this for you.

Most of the embassies or consulates won’t advise/recommend you to go and directly buy a hundreds of dollars worth flight ticket, Why? Because diplomatic officers itself knows that act would be ridiculous because you don’t have any guarantee that your visa application will approve or not!!

So then the only solution is to get your flight itinerary that includes your complete travel plan from departure to leaving that foreign country but still that cost is ten times cheaper than any actual flight ticket.

Where to get flight itinerary?

On Quora there are hundreds of questions and topics are based on flight itinerary and most of them agreed to consult with someone local travel agent that can help you very much because they have proper GDS (Global Distribution System) from where they can easily reserve your flight seat and hold fare for a limited time period while your visa application process.

You can buy your flight itinerary directly from the leading source or website Flight Reservation For Visa Without Buying Actual Flight Ticket they have stunning performance team for your questions 24/7 which i experienced many times in my European countries tours.

You should see their flight itinerary samples, which they showcase for their customers satisfaction.

So far I didn’t found anyone on internet that shows much consistent support and samples. They can simplifying your visa application procedure without any hassle.

Now if we talk about the steps most of the website follow the following steps, which I stated below.

  • Go to their website (Such as Flight Reservation For Visa)
  • Find out the flight itinerary or flight reservation plan under the pricing & plans section
  • Fill the form and must care about your name and email, traveler name should match from passport. Email should be correct, where their team will send your itinerary or reservation documents
  • Finally, make the payment via PayPal or credit/debit card whatever suits you better
  • Then their travel team will forward your documents ASAP within the time period, mostly time period depends on your chosen package, so if you need immediate service or flight itinerary you need to talk to their travel team first via online or phone number.

I found their one of their outstanding flight reservation for visa graphical presentation that would help you even better.

Happy your travel journey!!!

This is all very dependent on where you’re going, what your nationality is, and what country you are applying for a visa from.

What worked for me two times was what amounted to about 12 hours before my visa appointment, going to IBERIA.COM in Spain. The Best prices for Iberia flights – Iberia . I pretty much put a hold on a ticket, where if I didn’t pay for it within 24 hours of placing said hold, I lost it. I printed this confirmation of a flight and used that. This involved being an American applying for visas for Spain from Australia and the USA. I wouldn’t necessarily count on this “free” option working elsewhere for others. It did work for me though.

You can book directly with the airline and you can get a flight reserved for 48 hours at most. The problem is that it isn’t enough time for visa applications since you’ll never know when they are going to confirm your reservation with the airline. You need a ticket which is valid for at least 2–3 weeks.

I suggest you get a Rent-A-Flight Ticket Reservation Service For Visa Applications. I always use this and not once did it fail me. I got all my visas— S. Korea, China, Schengen and I even got a 10-year multiple entry visa to the US! 🙂

Get flight reservation from a travel agent and use that for visa purposes.

Another option is do the reservation to some flight websites or airline websites which offer this function. You will need to pay a small fee but that’s it. 

Haven’t tried the 2nd option myself as I have several travel agents I can ask for a flight reservation/booking for free.  I tend to book with them ultimately once visa is approved.  They also locked in the price and I pay at later date, usually before the flight price increases, as advised by them. Normally, few weeks before the etd.

Well Lot of option available .Just want to share what I am aware of as reaching travel agency

– it’s just a booking & no upfront payment is needed until ‘issue date’ which the travel agency will advise you. Only until ticket is issued will the ticket be charged. We do this all the time with visa applications

Check this blog

Flight Itinerary for Visa

Its easy as its complete online ,Raise the request get the flight itinerary in your email inbox

Buy a fully refundable (full fare) ticket.  Then whether or not you get the visa, refund it after the visa processing finishes.

If you intend to fly into the Schengen area, you can buy a more reasonably priced non-refundable ticket after, and if, the visa is granted.

Glad you were able to get your visa. Yes there are many options available to book a flight for free. You can buy refundable tickets directly from the airlines but you have to make sure to cancel them within the time specified. You can work with your local travel agent to get confirmed flight itinerary. You can also check out few travel websites such as Yatra, Expedia that has the options to hold the flight booking for free.

I use Expedia whenever my parents need tickets for their visa applications. They allow you to book a flight on any airline, which can then be cancelled within 24 hours of booking with no charges charged to your credit card.

Because Expedia will actually issue you a ticket (ticket number, PNR and all), it’s a good way to have a ticket for this purpose, but without the risk of spending a lot of money for a full-fare refundable ticket.

You don’t have to buy a flight ticket. It is not recommended (even by the embassies themselves) to buy full price flight ticket without your visa. You can get a flight reservation for your visa application easily. This article explains in detail how you can get it in minutes: How to book roundtrip flight reservation for visa application without paying the actual flight

Which country are you from?  Developed countries get visa free entry to the Schengen Zone for tourism purposes, and they definitely don’t check for a return flight.

If you’re from a country which needs a visa in advance, perhaps a travel agent could help?  They used to be able to provide you with a fairly official looking itinerary, which should be enough for your visa, before you pay.

Some airlines still I think do refundable flights, although I haven’t had any experience with that in the last 10 years or more.

If you’re from a country that needs a visa for the Schengen region then you’ll probably need more than just a return flight – ie you’ll need to be able to convicne them that you’re not going to overstay or to apply for political asylum.  Some of the less developed countries have brokers who have interesting ways of facilitating this, and even in more developed countries a travel agent might help.

No such thing as a free flight.

You can purchase a refundable flight ticket from an airline or travel agent. Make sure to ask specifically for a refundable ticket. 99% of the tickets sold online are not fully refundable. Most will have really expensive cancellation fees or are not refundable at all. Refundable tickets are slightly more expensive than non-refundable tickets.

What you can do is find out of the airline has a 24h Grace Period, if it does, you can book your flight print out your eticket (electronic ticket) and then call in to cancel the booking FOC. You then have the ticket confirmation you can hand in to apply for the visa, against no charges.

Alternatively, you can see if it’s possible to make a reservation via phone/at airport and then recieve email/paper confirmation for the reservation. This means you won’t have paid, but you have proof that you’ve “booked” a flight.

Hope this helps.

If you are a frequent flyer, (or know someone who is) and have enough miles, book it using your miles. Most frequent flyer programs let you cancel your award flight almost upto one day before your intended day of travel.

For that you will have to visit any local travel agency and tell them that you want to make a booking to apply for a Visa. Some travel agencies might ask you for a small fee for printing the booking document for you, but most agencies will do it for free hoping that if you will get a visa then you will buy the ticket from them as well. In my case i booked it for free when i wanted to apply for a visa to Cyprus. Lets see if you can get lucky as well.

Wish you all the Best !

Free…………?????????? I doubt you can use it if you get it for free…@@@ good luck

I can tell you what I did

Most of the travel agents will do it for you for a fee. Or you can purchase a ticket as you normally would and get a printout from your travel agent, and make sure they will only charge you a small fee if you cancel within 24 hours, and then once you have the printout just cancel the booking. This is the best way.

I got one from here ,also they took care of cancelling the ticket after my interview.

Flight itinerary for Visa application | Travelvisaguru

Guys enjoy your tour have fun …Good luck

You can ask your travel agent to do it. They generally provide you with a ticket and a confirmed PNR number. Once your visa has been issued you can ask the agent to reserve the seats.

I think it is just a formality to see if there are in fact flights available on the day of your travel.

You can get the itinerary from the below travel website for 10 bucks. They are fast and reliable.

Travel Itinerary For Schengen Visa Application