I want to work for a time travel project.What do I need to do?

Hello there!

You have a very interesting idea there! However, in a sense, you really are travelling through the passage of time. This is because we are travelling through the time at speed of light. Now if you want to either go to the future or the past, you would want to find a way to create an infinite amount of energy. Because in order to at or beyond speed of light, you will need an infinite amount of energy. If that’s too hard, you can a find a wormhole near to our solar system, and you could use that wormhole to travel to a different time period. Wormholes(Einstein-Rosen bridges) are hypothetical portals that will teleport you to a different place and time period. The existence of Wormholes was hypothesized by Einstein. The catch here is that wormholes do not exist. So basically all you need is a spacecraft that will travel faster than the speed of light or a wormhole that you can travel in.

Obviously the easier way, like Mr.O’Bryne mentioned, is to move to Hollywood. There, you can unravel your time travel imagination onto the big screen!

Hope this helps!

First thing you need to do is figure out how to accumulate, store, and ultimately control 10x all the energy all of mankind has ever produced. Oh, and you’ll need alot of real estate.

Your best bet to get involved with true time travel would be to get involved with the study of quantum mechanics, where impossible things happen all the time, on the level of individual particles. It’s unlikely to provide macroscopic results in our lifetime, but you might observe it in a particle acceleerator.

Probably, your best bet is to move to Hollywood. I imagine specializing in props would be a way to get involved with some of the neat aspects of a time travel project, if you’re not an actor.