What are the most beautiful places in the world to relax?

We name the world’s top 10 most relaxing resort getaways, perfect to celebrate a day of relaxation anytime of the year.

Montage Kapalua Bay, Hawaii:

Say aloha to a relaxing getaway on the northwest coast of Maui. This intimate resort only has 50 suites, creating a quiet atmosphere that is still busy with local culture and fun activities, like hula dance lessons, lei making and ukulele lessons. The property’s Spa Montage incorporates fresh, local ingredients in its treatments, like pineapple — part of an “Awa” offering that promotes peaceful connections, calmness within and enhances relaxation. (Courtesy Montage Kapalua Bay)

North Island, Seychelles:

This tranquil sanctuary strives to provide all guests with the best in luxury, privacy and location. Found on an unspoiled, tropical island of the Seychelles, guests can experience the best of nature while also enjoying fine dining and luxe accommodations. North Island is famous as the location where Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge honeymooned in 2011. (Courtesy North Island Seychelles)

Nita Lake Lodge, B.C.:

This exclusive boutique hotel provides a tranquil escape in the British Columbia mountains. Found at the base of Whistler Mountain, Nita Lake Lodge pampers its guests with luxurious accommodations and the most delicious food, all while providing a quiet retreat in nature. (Courtesy Nita Lake Lodge)

One&Only Hayman Island, Australia:

There’s nothing more relaxing that your own private island. Just opened on July 1, 2014 after a complete re-imagining, the One&Only Hayman Island is a luxury resort with accommodations ranging from suites to villas to penthouses. Expansive pools, kilometres of white sand beaches and lush gardens add to the idyllic setting. Lounge at your private cabana, take a dip in the crystal clear infinity pool or veg out on your suite’s private deck. The options for relaxation at this chic hotel are limitless. (Courtesy One&Only Hayman Island)

Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa, California:

If your idea of a relaxing getaway includes the open road, make California your destination. The Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa in the San Bernardino National Forest of southern California is an oasis of luxury with a AAA Four Diamond Rating and is the ultimate relaxing American retreat high above Los Angeles. Hit the Pacific Coast Highway for a gorgeous day trip along the ocean or stay close to Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa, where you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in this remote local, like mountain biking, or nothing at all in the spa. (Courtesy Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa)

Fairmont Kenauk, Quebec:

Find total peace and quiet at the Fairmont Kenauk. There is no cell reception at the resort and the rustic chalets are off the grid, meaning you’ll have no choice but to relax and forget about the cares of the outside world. Chalets are beautifully located with waterfalls, lake views and wildlife in the area. (Courtesy Fairmont Hotels & Resorts)

There are most of the places are looking very beautiful,but here is the list of most beautiful places in the world

1. ZhangyeDanxia Landform, Gansu – China

China has different kinds of beautiful landscapes and mountains. ZhangyeDanxia Landform is one among the beautiful place in China. This mountains masterpiece is so colorful, and it looks like oil painting. The view of this landscape is eye candy for all viewers. This stunning look makes this place to be on the top list.

2. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Son Doong Cave is the world’s largest cave located in QuangBinh province, Vietnam. This cave is found in 1991 by HoKhanh and recently discovered in 2009 by British cavers. You can hear a whistling sound of wind and sound of rushing stream in the entrance of the cave. The cave is more than 5 km long and 200 meters high and 150 meters wide.

3. Dragonblood Trees, Socotra – Yemen

The dragon blood tree has a unique appearance. It looks like a densely-packed crown having the shape of an umbrella. DragonBlood trees are named for its dark red resin, which is known as “dragon’s blood.”

4. Antelope Canyon, United States

Antelope Canyon in unites states is the place where water runs through rocks. There is both upper and lower Antelope Canyon located. It is mostly loved location by the tourist for two reasons. One is the terrific appearance and length of the site and second is direct sunlight radiating down from the top of the canyon. This is one of the wonderful place in the world.

5. Abraham Lake, Canada

Abraham Lake in Canada is the artificial lake located in North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta, Canada. This lake was created in 1972 for the construction of Bighorn Dam. Abraham Lake is most popular tourist place because of its “frozen bubble” under the ice cubes of the lake. As the lake begins to freeze, frozen bubbles occur.

6. Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia

Dallol Volcano is the incredible sight-seeing location. Dallol is the volcanic explosion located in the northeast of Ethiopia. The volcano is formed by the intrusion of basaltic magma by the salt deposits and hydrothermal activity.

7. Ice Cave Near the Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia

The mesmerizing Ice cave Volcano is located near Mutnovsky in Russia. Ice cave is covered by several meters of snow and ice which covers mountain streams creating like a cave. This spot looks so stunning to see.

8. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven beach is famous among people for its white sand. This beach is about 7km long located on Whitsunday Island. This beach is one of the eco-friendly beaches and amazing place in the world. This beauty wows you by its appearance.

9. Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

The grand prismatic spring is located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. It is one of the largest hot spring in the US and third largest spring in the world. The color of the spring looks exactly like a rainbow. The appearance of color is due to the temperature change. In summer it tends to look like orange and red whereas in winter it looks like dark green. The center of the pool looks dark blue in color.

10. Coast near MarsaMatruh, Egypt

The MarsaMatruh in Egypt is one of the beautiful place to visit in Egypt. The bay contains series of rocks with soft white sands and crystal clear water.

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Are you looking for a beautiful place for relaxation?then you can choose Kerala for this purpose because in Kerala. Munnar is the most beautiful place for a mind relaxation specialist of this places is it is one of the calm full places in the world so the people who want to attain calm full and peaceful atmosphere they can select this places for a creating a different mood.if you are alone or you are with your sweet heart then it is also gives you to the ambiance of love and affection.the peak of Munnar Hill tops are always in a sweet a mode so disturbing elements are rare in that place.All are get in one Kerala honeymoon packages is not very easy if you can find any good relaxation method with Munnar’s background effects and atmosphere that will give you a joyful experience.

Tuscany, Italy

Known for its charming small towns and picturesque views, the Tuscan region of Italy is ideal for those who want to hide in a villa and enjoy a quiet life in the countryside.

Himalayas, India

In the foothills of the Himalayas, there are good spa resorts that provide good health and complete relaxation. Spa treatments, yoga and a connection with nature inspire and fill with strength.

The most relaxing activity for me is having sunbath on nice beaches, swimming in crystal clear water and listening the sound of the waves.

Let me recommend some beautiful beaches in Greece. The Mediterranean country has more than 13,000 km coastline with thousands of beaches, some of them are considered among the bests in Europe. Elafonissi, in Crete island, is ranked among the world’s top 10 beaches, according to a survey conducted by Tripadvisor.

My video, with relaxing chill out music, presents more than 30 of the best beaches in Greece.

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Crete island is one of the most popular tourist destinations, the island amazes its visitors with stunning landscapes and wide variety of beaches. You can find exotic sandy beaches as well as deep blue sea with great waves. The island has an area of 8,300 sq. kms.

Lefkada (or Lefkas), a small Ionian island with an area of 330 sq. kms, is renowned for the bluest blue sea, the west coast of the island offers breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. Porto Katsiki Beach and Egremni Beach are incredible sights, the colour of the water is beyond imagination.

Zakynthos (or Zante) is a small island in the Ionian Sea with an area of 405 sq. kms. Its world famous scenery, the Shipwreck (or Navagio) Beach, is an incredible site to behold.

Corfu (or Kerkyra) has an area of 610 sq. kms. The small Ionian island with its green vegetation, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.

Pelion peninsula is usually out of the focus of the tourists, never overcrowded, yet full of natural beauty. On the shore of the Aegean Sea there are scenic beaches with exotic blue water.

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If you want to relax in a tranquil environment, the Orange Beach Vacation Rentals in Alabama are the perfect holiday destination. The Orange Beach city has natural beauty where you can relax along the beach and refresh your soul.

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