What could governments do to promote tourism?

Promoting tourism is a multi-faceted, ongoing project in which all parts of the government, private businesses and the population have an active role.

Here are some aspects…

  1. Teach foreign languages from a young age. A multilingual population is very helpful in welcoming tourists from around the world and makes the tourists feel safer and more comfortable.
  2. Educate the population (in schools, in the media) about the importance of tourism to the country’s economy. Each and every citizen should see themselves as an ambassador of the country, showing kindness and a warm welcome to tourists.
  3. Create and maintain a modern infrastructure, which could mean a lot of things. Reliable electricity, clean water, paved roads, modern and comfortable means of transportation, financial (credit cards, ATM’s), Wi-Fi and mobile networks, etc.
  4. Invite airlines to open routes to the country, with government subsidies. Airlines usually won’t fly to a destination unless there is demand, or unless there is some sort of government subsidy to operate the route while creating the demand.
  5. Define, for the purpose of marketing and branding, what the main tourism attractions are in the country: Nature, religion, arts, culinary, hiking, beaches, historical, etc. Then, create a specific marketing campaign for each of the specific markets.
  6. Define areas in the country as “tourism regions”, and have people in charge of promoting tourism and managing the infrastructure within that region.
  7. As part of the marketing campaigns listed in 5 and 6 above, create an interactive, easy to use, multilingual, national tourism website and app, where potential tourists can learn about the destination, get information and plan their visit to the country.

With 3 simple steps governments can take to promote tourism:

Step 1:

Make sure your country is protected from terrorists attacks. Whenever a terrorist attacks happen, people tend to not go to place in which this happens.

Step 2:

Make sure the cities are clean. In a perfect tourist destination, there virtually no trash nor hobos. People like clean parts of cities.

Step 3:

Attract businesses with cheap land and taxes so that they would promote whatever tourist destination.

They already do this. They spend millions of dollars each year sponsoring tv ads, programs like the Olympics, etc. They probably contribute tax dollars to city websites. Members of the US Senate have a Tourism Caucus. They have info online on their ideas and plans.