Is Amsterdam cheap to travel to?

Amsterdam is a lot of things but cheap isnt one of them!!


Amsterdam is a must travel to destination!

Now about some tips and must do’s:

1. You can plan in advance, make your travel and hotel reservations in advance and save yourself a lot of money.

2. Amsterdam can be covered by renting a bicycle. its fun and you can blend in with the locals a bit. Check with your hotel. Most of them will rent you a bike for a nominal fee or some may even give you a complimentary one.

3. Public transport is also there. It falls between ‘not really cheap’ but ‘not that expensive’ category.

4. Food: Oh My God!!! Being a vegetarian I had a gala time. The falafels and frittes and vegan food from the Golden Temple…heavenly experience I must say!! You’ll get everything from cheap to super expensive and you’ll definitely find something for everyone’s taste.

5. The Weather: Its just too good to be true. I simply was in love and now when I think about it…I still am!!

6. People: All nationalities. No racism. Period.

7. Art: Go check on the museums there…

8. Cafe’s: For ‘coffee’ lovers *wink* *wink* 🙂

9. Heineken: Its the home to the Heineken brand. Beer lovers you have a reason now.

Its a lovey dovey kind of review…But trust me when I say…You have to experience Amsterdam atleast once!!

Some money saving tips:

  1. Check with low cost airlines for fares and special offers.
  2. Search airbnb for cheaper rooms. Hostels are also there.
  3. Street side food tastes great and can helo you save a few bucks.
  4. Search hotels on websites like skyscanner. Shortlist a few and try contacting them directly.
  5. Download maps. Walk when you can.
  6. There are tourist offices at every corner. Check out for special deals.

I’m an American who visited Amsterdam this summer, and I would say yes, Amsterdam can be cheap. It depends largely on you and your traveling style.

If you insist on staying in the center of the city in a four star hotel, you’ll spend a lot of money. My husband and I used AirBnb and paid $127 per night for great accommodations in a perfect location — plus a real Dutch breakfast was served by our host every morning.

Will you be taking public transportation? We walked everywhere, which is easy to do in Amsterdam. Saved a bunch of money.

Which attractions do you want to see? Anne Frank’s house, canal tour, Rijksmuseum, etc? We decided we couldn’t “do it all,” and had to choose just a few things. That was okay because we really wanted to experience the city and not just tour it.

What are your standards for food? Only hotel restaurants with white linens? Or are you okay with eating fried foods you select from an automat? My favorite meal was at a brown cafe (not to be confused with a coffeeshop): I ordered a warm goat cheese sandwich with honey and thyme with a cappuccino, and my husband got the same thing. Total? 14 euros. You can easily spend $20 at Panera Bread in the States, so I think that’s pretty good! We splurged on some meals and saved on others, and always had enough leftover for a canal-side beer in the evening.

In summary, you can do Amsterdam on a low budget and a high budget — it just comes down to you. We budgeted 100 euros per day (excluding the AirBnb) and did just fine. We could have easily spent more, but if we had tried, we could have spent less.

No, Amsterdam is just as expensive as any other European city. If you travel in low season you can certainly find some deals, though.

If you do your homework, you can get a hotel in central Amsterdam for around than $175 a night (for a three star hotel) and you can find restaurants that are reasonable ($25 a meal). You could stay in a hostel if you really wanted to cut costs and buy your food at grocery stores to skip restaurants.

The Riksmuseum has a $20 US entrance fee. The train system is around $3 US per ride and $8 US for the day. It’s not cheap, so if your hotel is in central Amsterdam, you could save that money by walking to all of the sites. Really plan your trip and decide how much you will use the subway before you buy a long term pass (three day ticket, $28 US). I was there 4 days and only took the subway to and from the airport (5 US each way).

Take the time to look at photos of each hotel and read the comments from other travelers. When you’ve chosen one, call the hotels directly- don’t book on Expedia- but ask for the Expedia rate. You will get a better room and better service than if you book through a discount website. Don’t forget to ask about the cancellation policy before you give your credit card to secure the room.

It’s find to find great value in hotels, restaurants and attractions. Instead of treating it like a chore, I look at it like looking for treasure! Remember, you’re not necessarily looking for the cheapest of everything, you’re looking for getting the best value for your money.

Have a great trip!

Yes, traveling to Amsterdam is very cheap because it has a large airport with many competing low cost carriers (LCC’s) like Vueling, EasyJet and Transavia. Don’t forget legacy carrier KLM. Sometimes KLM also has very good deals and is cheaper than the LCC’s.

Staying in Amsterdam can be expensive, but there are ways to stay on a budget:
– don’t stay in the city center
– stay in nearby cities like Haarlem, Zaandam or Leiden
– Amsterdam also has some great camping sites

The city is not expensive, compared with other parts of Europe, except one thing: hotels. Those are really over the top.

The best thing is to have some friend there, or to make one, that is willing to host you.


Everything else – including restaurants and museum tickets – is quite affordable.

If you mean cheap to visit, no, not by European or American standards. Hotels and restaurants are some of the most expensive in Europe, though I wouldn’t say the quality compares to similar places in other European and Asian capitals unless you are paying upwards of 5,000$ for a room. IMO the food stinks no matter how much you pay so i cook at home a lot. I’ve lived here for 33 years, and travel a lot so if I seem negative towards my current home town, well, sorry about that. There are many good things to say about Amsterdam but quality for the money is not one. Just my opinion!

It depends on what you call cheap and where you are coming from.

It can vary significantly at different times of the year. If you’re assuming air transport, it can range from $69 (on Ryanair) to $1000 for the majority of flights.

Amsterdam is cheap if you do the hostel thing. otherwise it is quite expensive.

From what i can tell, the actual travel expense is quite small if you fly over, and pick dates and times according to the cheapest, but the main expenditure appears is once you are there, as the attractions are very expensive!