How to get to Luxor from Alexandria (Egypt)

You have plenty of choices to travel to luxor, you may decide the best option for you according to your own time table and budget :

By plane:

it is most expensive, faster and safest method, prices of tickets can vary from time to time it would be better to contact your travel agent or Egypt Air lines office in Alexandria fore more specific details and availability of seats in a specific date.

Here is a link to their offices in Alexandria, give them a call

Domestic Offices

Or you may contact Thomas Cook office, where they can arrange for your entire trip with hotels reservations and taxi to your hotel. Here is a link to their site

Egypt Holidays 2017/2018 | Holidays to Egypt | Thomas Cook

By Train:

Train is much cheaper and a bit slower, A plane might take you there in one hour, while a train would take you in about 10 hours, there is a Sleeper carriages trains, it is safe as well, you need to check the time and prices in the following link:

Egyptian National Railways

By Car:

Weather you decide to rent a car and drive it yourself or rent a car with a chauffeur or even with Uber or Careem, this is the least safe trip, and slowest of them all. roads are not safe, it is a long way to drive may be around 1200 KM from Alexandria to Luxor, so many stops, you might need to go to toilet but there is no decent ones on the roads. I would not recommend traveling all that distance in a car ( I have done it my self many times, but roads were much safer than today) , If you decide to take the risk here are the links to get a car service :……

By Boat:

A few years ago Hilton Hotels used to have two luxurious boats cruising on the River Nile from Cairo, to Luxor and Aswan in about 3 nights, and fly you back on plane. I guess they have stopped that now. However you may ask your travel agent about the availability of such trip now or even a cruise on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan. This would be your magical trip, whatever your decision is, I wish you all the fun and safety.

You have two feasible solutions to get to Luxor from Alexandria :

  1. You can go by railway and this is the economic option. Once you have chosen the railway option you have number of features related to comfort level you want :
  • You can take a regular train ( Which you have a seat in it not a bed ) and this type have several Classes , Classes differ according to the level of comfort and service you want
  • You can take a Sleep train ( Which you have a bed in it not a seat ) , This option is of course less economic but more comfortable.

    Both trains could be booked through Egyptian National Railway , You can check their website ( Link ) , But i recommend calling them rather than emailing or using web-based booking as governmental online services are unreliable. Also you could check Luxor’s city website as it show you the train and plane schedules ( Link – In Arabic )
    Alexandria = الاسكندرية
    Luxor = الاقصر
    From= من
    To= الي
     5:00 AM = 5:00 ص
     5:00 PM = 5:00 م

    The trip time is approximately 17 Hours.

    2. You can book a plane ticket from here ( Link ) , This is option is non-economical option , Also in terms of comfort level is better than regular train (Seats) but less than Sleep train (Beds) , But it has the shortest trip time

  • The trip time is approximately 1 Hour

The train is the most safe and efficent option.

Then by the plane from the airport but the down side is the cost that would be around 50$ for the plane and another 20$ for the car from alexandria Borg El Arab airport to down town alexandria. The train only cost less than 10$.

You can go by three ways:
1- by bus it will take around 10 hours
2-by train it will take around 12 hours
3-by plane it will take 1–2 hours
I advise you to get a plane if you can afford its price

by flight or tain

you can reach Luxor from Alexandria by train from Sidi Gaber train station. you should take the 2nd class train it’s nice and comfortable.

The most convenient way is flying to Luxor or by train!