Is 1 hour more than enough to board a connecting domestic flight in India? Both flights belong to different airlines.

Yes, you can do it but it’s risky because if your first flight gets delayed then you will not be able to board 2nd flight.

But if you have already booked your flight then follow the following steps:
1. Avoid bringing a check-in baggage. It will save your time at the baggage counter.

2. Do a web-check in. It helps in avoiding long queues at airport to get boarding pass. And you can directly go for security check if you only have cabin baggage. And also gate closes generally 25 mins before departure time of flight in domestic airlines. So you have approximately 35 mins after your arrival of first flight to board second flight.

3. While web check-in of your first flight, select aisle seat of a row which is closer to front exit. Because it will help you come out of plane in less time. Generally these front row seats are paid so then select whichever seat is nearer to front gate if you are tight on budget.

3. The most important one: Do not forget to pray during first flight.


Welcome to India! I hope you will have wonderful stay ahead.

Now answer to your concern:

Since you travelling with 2 different airline, your check-in baggage wont be transfered automatically until unless both the airline has a interline agreement. So try to check upon that by dialing to customer care.

If there’s no interline agreement, 1hour is very less time for the connection as you have to collect your check-in baggage first and then move toward departure so as to board other flight. My advise would be to either carry only hand baggage or may be you can change your connecting flight for later. I guess 2hour connection time is sufficient enough for a smooth journey.  Happy Journey!!

Totally Risky.

The chcek in for the connecting flight, if international will close 50mins before departure and for Domestic is 30mins.

Baggage retrieval from your first flight will easily take from 20min to 40mins depending on the load.

I personally wouldn’t risk it. All the best, hope it works out for you.

Kindly consider timeframe between Flight #1 arrival at that Airport & Flight #2 Departure from that Airport.

If the gap is less than 2.5 hours, then you may land in trouble.

Gates gets closed 45 min. before departure for domestic flights.

You can make it to next Airlines Counter in 15 mins considering 60 minutes window.

It depends certainly on several factors.

Take into consideration the aspects like the terminal into which you will be arriving by your inbound flight and make sure which terminal your outbound leaves from .

I was talking with reference to Mumbai airport.

If it’s other regional airport I guess you can just have a quick run up and have a marathon leap to your boarding gate clearing all hurdles on the way. If that’s not a big task for you , then it shall be fine !

2 hour gap would be safe.


The check-in counters of domestic flights closes 45minutes prior to the flight departure time.

so in 1hour you have only 15minutes to Checkout from the current flight and board the next flight.

So not possible.

Since both flights belong to different airlines, so NO….. one hour gap is risky as many small reasons might pop up and make u late by 10 mins also And thus u will miss the next one …a min. 2 hour time slot in between is the safest

Is this your first time flying

Is this your first time at this airport / airline

What time of day is your flight

You need to ask yourself these questions.

I would give it 2 hours to be safe