What is your favorite travel spot and why?

I could wax poetic about a great deal of the world, honestly. I haven’t ever been somewhere that I’ve strongly disliked and would never consider visiting again. I have preferences, obviously, but I’m usually up to go just about anywhere.

So I’ll take the opportunity to romance the US for a bit. The thing about the US (and I’d include Canada in this if it’s warm enough for it) is that it’s the best place I’ve been in the world when it comes to romancing the road. If you want to love a trip through America, get into some sort of vehicle and drive across it.

One of my favorite trips was a motorcycle trip all around the edges of Michigan. From Detroit, up to Alpena, then to the northern point of Munising, back down to Muskegon, and then along the southern part back to Detroit. Absolutely stunning dunes, trees, and when you peaked the top of a hill you’d get wide swaths of endless blue lake dotted with freighters and sailboats. There was a storm when we were up in the UP, darkening the skies and turning the trees into the sort of green you’d like to mix up and serve with cheese. Obviously the rain wasn’t the most pleasant, but it turned the skies gravel and the pavement black and was uniquely beautiful in its own way.

Across the Mackinac Bridge we were treated to the purest rainbow I’ve ever seen before we drove right back into a rainstorm. Oh well.

The next day I was humming along at 100 km per hour through a nameless town, making a turn sharp enough so that my ammo box panniers cheerfully scraped the pavement and a sign caught my eye that a local had hung up in front of their house – “prepare to meet thy God,” it advised.

My god is the sort who thinks the speed limit is a suggestion, so I kicked it up to six and blasted over the hills. 

It’s tough to pick between many enjoyable trips.   I’ll say Spain with Portugal, Italy, Panama, and Mexico close behind in no particular order.

My Spanish is usable to not bad, and I enjoy using it, so that’s a bonus for Spain, Mexico, and Panama.  

The food in Spain and Italy can be fantastic, it’s usually pretty good in Mexico and not expensive, and it’s consistently good to very good in Portugal, even in tourist restaurants.

It’s hard to beat the highbrow cultural attractions in Spain and Italy.

All those countries have great beaches, and there is much to be said for European bathing suits.  Pleasant hotels on or close to a beach can be very affordable in Mexico.

There are nice people everywhere but I think the Portuguese and Mexicans are particularly warm and friendly, even to tourists. 

Panama has the canal, an engineering marvel; I also love looking at ships. 

Spain, Italy, and Portugal all have great trains.  There’s a train in Panama that goes all the way across the Americas, from the Pacific to the Caribbean in under an hour.

The Netherlands is also very high on food, culture, people, trains, and ships, but it can be cold. 

Zanzibar was wonderfully exotic. 

My favourite travel spot is Bali .

1. Pura Tanah Lot

Another majestic rock formation lays as a foundation of a popular pilgrimage temple, known as Pura Tanah Lot. It is most popular for its serenity and cultural significance as it is associated with the Balinese mythology as one of the seven temples that form a ring in the southwest of Bali. A travel tip is to visit the place during the low tide so that you can “walk across the water” to the temple for the full experience.

2. Kuta Beach

Kuta is the most popular beach in Bali, which means you can be sure to find the life and party scene here in Kuta Beach. Head here if you are looking to socialize, party and have a good time. You can be sure to find a range of places for different atmosphere and budget, ranging from Hard Rock cafe to your neighborhood cafe and pub.

3. Bali safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari & Marine Park is Bali’s largest animal theme park. The park is home to over 60 species, all roaming freely within their enclosures built to closely mimic their natural habitats. Bus safaris take visitors on tours ‘around the world’, and animal talent shows are held regularly. Aquariums holding exotic fish specimens are nearby.
 4. Sanur Beach

Located in the village of Denpasar in southeast Bali, quiet Sanur Beach is a popular destination for older visitors, which has earned the spot the nickname “Snore Beach.” That’s a bit of a misnomer, however, as there is plenty to see and do at this beach resort. In addition to the area’s well-kept beach, Sanur has several important historic sites, including the Blanjong Temple.

The state of Kerela is certainly my favorite tourist destination. I’d like to talk about why many, not just me, choose this place as their holiday destination.

Kerala features a wide variety of tourist destinations that include pristine hill stations, serene backwaters, verdant spice plantations, majestic waterfalls, breathtaking beaches, labyrinthine canals and much more. While Kerala offers many exciting opportunities for sightseeing and adventure, the place is also backed up with marvelous cultural legacy that the natives are proud of. Travelers from all over the globe visit Kerala to enjoy the unforgettable glimpse of the rich cultural heritage.

Kerala offers extremely special accommodation facilities like houseboats, tree houses, home stays and yoga retreats just to mention a few. A holiday trip to Kerala becomes way more special as travelers experience the wonderful rejuvenating therapies of Ayurveda, an experience that cannot be had anywhere else in the world. To add to the experience, travelers are also acquainted with an ancient tradition of India- Yoga.

Food and travel always go hand in hand. The delectable dishes of Kerala are a treat to the foodies out there because of its distinctive flavors and the aroma of a variety of spices.

Another factor that makes Kerala a favored tourist destination in India is the low crime rate.

Since all these experiences can be had within an affordable budget, a trip to Kerala is complete value for money.

When our children were in their teens we would visit with their great aunt in San Francisco.   I started visiting San Francisco long before I got married.   It’s a laid back city in a nice setting with an interesting climate.   It has parks and sea and bridges but, for me, a major attracion is the transport network.   Buses, trolleybuses, PCC streetcars, LRVs (modern streetcars), BART, Caltrain, Ferries you name it, San Francisco has it – there was even a jitney still operating on my first few trips.   Great Aunt actually lived in San Mateo so I could indulge myself with a visit to Coyote Point to watch the planes as well.

One of the other attractions was that it made a good terminating point for several tours.   We’d go over to somewhere (not San Francisco) and then tour either ending in San Francisco or dropping the car and flying the last leg.   That way we’ve seen a fair amount of the west coast from Vancouver BC (and WA!) down to Los Angeles and explored the desert southwest and Rockies.   The obvious parks like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon but some of the lesser known places lie the Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona and less visited places like Grand Staircase Escalante in Utah.   I think part of the attraction is also that we don’t have places like that (desert, tall mountains) in the UK.

But then different places have different attractions.   Whilst South America has the Andes (and thus tall mountains) it offers other things as well.   Iguassu Falls are a greater sight, in my view, that Niagara.   I thinks it’s partly the lack of tourists (don’t get me wrong, there are tourists but I didn’t feel as overwhelmed by the industry in the way I did at Niagara) and partly the number of individul falls that make up the whole.   Then there’s the wildlife in Patagonia, particularly the Peninsular Valdes.   In 3 days we saw, sheep, cavies, seals, sheep, sea lions, sheep, Penguins, sheep, whales and I almost ran down an Armadillo, oh, did I mention the sheep?   Chile provided the jumping off point for Easter Island, one of the worlds enigmas.   Apparently when “white” men first encountered the islands the statues were standing.   By the time it was “rediscovered” no more than 100 years later they had been flattened and no one knows why; there are speculative stories but a lack of concrete proof.   The statues you see standing today have been raised in the recent past (a bit like Stonehenge).   The people are friendly, the weather is good, it’s pretty well treeless (which may be linked to the statues) and it’s fascinating.

Another place that’s a bit of an enigma is India.   It can be very hard work with the odd mixture of high tech and grinding poverty.   Gleaming new buildings and scruffy slums.   Modern, air conditioned buildings and temples and palaces.   Like San Francisco one of the attractions of India is the transport, particularly the railways and, if I really narrow it down the hill trains to Oootacamund, Darjeeling and Shimla.   Is the Taj the ultimate expression of love and beauty?   Maybe not but it has a certain aura.

After all that do I have one favourite?   I’m not sure I do.   Every place has it’s good bits and sometimes bad bits.   I’m not someone who claims to get “authentic” or “live like a native”.   I accept that whether I’m a tourist or a traveller I’m not a loacal.   But I like places where I can see nice things, eat some good food, sit and watch the world in pavement cafes and occasionally find things just by chance.

My favourite places are Paris, France and Cologne, Germany in December. There are few tourists. We waited in line for maybe 10 minutes before going up the Eiffel Tower, during peak season it’s usually 2-4 hours or more. Our photos on the observation decks turned out flawless as there were no other tourists in the background. Experiencing the Marché de Noël (Christmas market) was really great. There was vin chaud (hot wine) to go with macarons, crêpes, and the holiday foods. The Weihnachtsmarkte (Christmas markets) in Germany also carry Glühwein (hot wine) and a lot of different foods and trinkets. It was just packed in Cologne but almost everyone was German. The rest were other Europeans. In Paris the Christmas markets go down the Champs-Elysées, and there was also one on the Champ de Mars. In Germany they spread out from the Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) to the Altstadt (Old Town) and down to the Rhein (Rhine). It’s a really great atmosphere to be in, it really gets you into the spirit. I imagine most Christmas markets throughout Europe have this effect. As long as you don’t mind the cold (winters are quite mild compared to Canada though). 

Thanks for asking this question.  I have pondered on it for several days and I am no closer to finding an answer.  I have been very blessed to have travelled to lots of places, done lots of things and met really amazing people.  I have amazing memories that bring a smile to my face when I think about it. 

In a way it is like going into a sweet shop and you can buy anything you want. I also think of the question on customer service surveys.  Would you go back?  All the following places I would say YES!

So here are a few places that  are extra special or still give me laugh out loud memories.  Some of these may be a bit predictable.

1 China- when at primary school aged about 10 in Belfast, I remember saying I wanted to go to China.  This would have been in the 1970s and my teacher told me that this would never be possible.  Standing in Tijanamen Square and on the Great wall of China took my breath away.

2 Sydney Harbour – I had exactly the same sense of awe the first time I saw Sydney Opera House.

3  Nepal – went trekking with a very dear friend just before my 40th birthday.  This trip had been something I wanted to do for a very long time.  I was nowhere near fit enough.  My friend and I can laugh about it now.  I developed what I have since called my 100 step philosophy.  I would climb 100 steps and stop for a couple of quick breaths. By day 3 something kicked in and I did start to enjoy it.

4 India – my first visit and the experience of a friend’s Wedding.  The same sense of awe seeing the Taj Mahal. Wearing a sari for the first time.

5  Grand Canyon, New York, Safari, Cape Town, Paris Eiffel Tower – the first time being there gave me that high.

I travel a lot, but I have to say the feeling of ‘coming home’ to London, Edinburgh  and Belfast where I was born and lived for many years probably is the overriding choice. 

Till now of all the places i have visited in India, I found Ooty the most mesmerizing and serene. Its natural scenic beauty and the misty overcasted weather will make u fall in love with it. Situated in the Nilgiris hills range, it is a place worth visiting with major attractions including the 9th Mile , South India’s highest tea factory, lakes and a dam that has made a reservoir amidst the lush green forests worth visiting. The highest point in the southern India is also present there which is a famous view point for the kerala border, and a view of conoor town, and the wide spread green forests. With a variety of restaurants serving Indian to International cuisines you can find a wide variety of food items giving you no reason to stay hungry. The local made chocolates are quite famous.
Overall its an awesome place to visit and incredibly amazing if you have a good friend circle to go with. On the ending note I would say that its India’s own Switzerland.

We know, Each city, country and island has a per-conceived reputation for drawing a certain type of traveler. We’re here to perpetuate those stereotypes. These are the places which is my favorite travel spot and I have selected these for vacation :

  • Paris : You’re a romantic with a taste for the finer things in life. You swoon over spending hours wandering art museums, walking cobblestone streets and eating dainty pastries.
  • London: English is your favorite language, you love quaint city streets, good beer, words that sound longer than they actually are and still maintain the teeniest, tiniest crush on will despite the unfortunate hairline.
  • Canada: You enjoy a quick escape to a foreign country, but don’t want to go very far. You’re probably a hockey fan who enjoys being surrounded by lots and lots of snow. You count down the days until your next ski trip in Vancouver or at Mont Tremblant.
  • Dubai: You have flashy style (or want flashy style), like large malls, tall buildings and a mix of cultures all in one place while seeming very “Western.” You don’t mind the heat at all.
  • Greece: You like your travels to have a healthy mix of history, beach time, food and parties. You firmly believe feta cheese should be used on everything and love the feel of salt left on your skin after a dip.
  • Spain: You’re not a snob who cares about seeking out Europe’s best food… or about being in a top-notch cosmopolitan destination or about high-class arts and culture.

These are my favorite travel spots and I really love these places and always want to visit there. minnesota resorts


As many traveler’s can attest, it is impossible to pick just one favorite place. Here are a few of my tops choices though:

  • India: India is a huge country, so it’s almost cheating the say that’s my favorite place. I just love the diversity of cultures, the food, and the constant sense of adventure of being there.
  • The US Southwest: This has been the center of my most recent travels. There is just something about the wide variety of desert landscapes that draws me in deeper. Route 66, the wild west, cactus, Native Americans, Spanish colonialism, adobe architecture- I love it.
  • Hungary: I love this country for exploring European history from a different perspective. Budapest in particular is one of my favorite cities on the planet both for the historical value and the amazing architecture.

Happy travels,

Crystal, Traveler’s Toast

I would highlight five reasons to visit Greece. 1. Beaches. Greece has the longest coastline in Europe (more than 13 thousand kilometres), therefore you can choose from thousands of beautiful beaches with crystal clear water.

My video, with relaxing chill out music, presents more than 30 of the best beaches in Greece.

YouTube: Best Beaches in Greece – Crete, Corfu, Lefkada, Pelion, Zakynthos HD

2. The weather in Greece is ideal for a summer holiday. 3. The prices are relatively cheap compared to other southern European countries such as Italy or Spain. 4. Greek mediterranean cuisine is nice and healthy, greek salad, fish dishes, grilled meats etc. If you are a lover of blue sea and sunshine, Greece is definitely a great vacation spot for you. 5. Last but not least Greece offers great historical sites to visit.

Let me recommend some places based on my experiences. My videos present the best attractions of the areas.

Zakynthos (or Zante) island

Zakynthos is a small island in the Ionian Sea with the most iconic scenery, the Shipwreck (or Navagio) Beach, which is really a great experience to behold. There are a lot of other possibilities, watersport activities, nice beaches etc. The island is a nesting place for turtles, you can spot really big ones in the sea. Watch my short video of the main attractions in Zakynthos:

Youtube: Zakynthos Island – Best Places to Visit in Greece HD

Crete island

For the lovers of the typical mediterranean flora and fauna Crete is an ideal place with breathtaking landscapes, high mountains, various beaches with crystal clear water. Crete is a perfect place for those travellers who prefer mixing leisure, adventure and cultural experiences. Not often can you find a place that offers so much opportunities in such a great concentration. The island, as the cradle of the long-ago Minoan civilization, offers you a couple of historical sites to visit.

Here you can find my detailed review of Crete: Tamás Reményfy’s answer to What is there to do in Crete?

My Youtube video: Crete Island – Best Places to Visit in Greece HD

Corfu (Kerkyra) island

Corfu, the small Ionian island with its green vegetation, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. This place is not so much for having cultural or historical experience as spending a great time on visiting tiny beaches on bike, quad or by motorboat. The northern half of the island offers breathtaking views of the sea, picturesque rock formations and beaches with crystal clear water.

My Youtube video: Corfu Island – Best Places to Visit in Greece HD

Lefkada island

Lefkada is renowned for the bluest blue sea, the west coast of the island offers breathtaking views of the sea. Porto Katsiki Beach and Egremni Beach are incredible sights, the colour of the water will simply blow your mind.

Historical sites in Greece

My 3-minute video presents 13 relevant historical sites I have visited in Greece so far, such as Athens, Corinth, Olympia, Delphi, Knossos, Phaestos, Mycanae, Gortyn, Tyrins, Epidaurus as ancient sites and Meteora, Mystras as two examples of historical sites from Byzantine period. In my video you will find a small map of Greece pointing at these places and also take notice of the signs of World Heritage Sites on the pictures.

My Youtube video: Best Places to Visit in Greece – 13 Historical Sites HD

You can subscribe my Youtube channel, which provides short videos of travel destinations encapsulating the informations of the main attractions: 2-Minute Travels

Great Britain. I’ve been twice. The first time was in 1984 as part of a high school tour. I went again in 1995 on a two-week road trip around England and Scotland with my best friend. We began in London and traveled by car to the far northwest of Scotland and then across to the east before returning to London. We discovered the Explorer Pass which, for a few pounds, granted us entry into museums, castles, and other landmarks all over the country. (I believe it is now called a Heritage Pass). We saw dozens of castles and palaces that ranged from fully-functioning to nothing-but-but crumbling-foundations.

The depth of history there was staggering to me as an American. I really enjoy the contrast you can experience — from the bustle of big cities to the relaxed charm of seaside villages…and everything in between. The mix of old and new was striking. Narrow cobblestone streets were lined with historic apartment buildings and satellite dishes protruding from the stone walls. I never though it backward, but more than once during the trip I recalled a quote by Bette Middler — “When it’s two o’clock in New York, in England it’s 1938.”

When I retire in a few years, I’m sure I will visit again.

Walking the road from the car to Spynie Palace (or what was left of it) just north of Elgin, Scotland. Ironically, my father grew up in Elgin…a small town in North Dakota.

We spotted this phone box near a one-lane road to somewhere…in the middle of nowhere.

This is probably a really cheesy, sad and uninspired answer, but it’s the USA Miami. South Beach, bring the heat. Na-Na-Na-Na-Ney indeed Mr Smith, and yeah, we did get ‘jiggy with it’

I hate to admit that, as there are so many great places, cities, sights and experiences I’ve been to since – plus I don’t want to plump up our cousins’s from across the water  ego any further. However, it was all about opportunities and experiences at a certain time in my life – 19 years old – where I felt like Tony Montana, in that the world was indeed mine.

Added to that, climate, the 90s, Miami Vice, gullible Americans that believed we really were related to the Queen, frat boys that couldn’t drink but would buy ours freely all night, facilities, “go large” and so many other things that just made it ‘awesome’.

Life just felt so different there, then.

Thailand. I say the country as a whole since the scenery, people, food & culture are amazing throughout.

Bangkok is a city full of excitement& mystery. There is so much to do & see from so many different aspects of life.

Chiang Mai has the famous night market & beautiful Budest temples.

Krabi/Ao Nang & the Pi Pi islands are home to the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

You could spend a long time exploring Thaiand from top to bottom & it would never get old!

My runner up location would certainly be safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa!

I probably sound like a broken record since I’ve praised Bali before: Bali, Bali, Bali. Beautiful culture, gorgeous scenery, lovely kind people, great food, and fabulous scuba diving. You can do it cheap and comfortably, or six-star and crazy comfortably. Great massages and body work is available everywhere, including the airport. I’m going back next year, which will make something like 15 visits.

I love going north to the Orkney islands. I have a interest in island life and the combination of Scottish and Norwegian cultures are interesting.Also the sunsets are amazing.There is one perticular place its called wesaby and its on the edge of the Orkney mainland. Its just cliffs ,seabirds and the north sea nothing ahead. I love parking my car here,leaving the headlights on and sitting on the car having a cup of tea and a cake watching the sun going down.Its really amazing.

I always loved the desert and canyon country of the American Southwest.
However, the reasons cannot really be put into words that could convey what it meant to me.
I say “meant” because I can never return there again. 
The open carry laws, and just knowing that everybody around me us armed, frightens me too much.
I have known real dirty war and its effects (no, not in one of the Bush wars).

I didn’t die there, so I have no desire  to exit because I accidentally brushed against some gun-show goon whose arm I happen to brush, and who’s (pardon the pun) jus’ “dyin” to defend his country and its Second Amendment by plugging me or my wife with his brand -new 9

Interlaken in Switzerland its beautiful.

Hotel Hirchen built in 1666 is where I chose to stay.

Lakes, Mountains, Cable cars, take a train up inside a mountain. Walk on a glacier. Clean fish air and safe.

It depends! Once a year I love to get some cultural trip where I visit museums, admire architecture, etc… and I love the beach so a beach vacation is my other place to visit. As long as it’s something new, its a great place to visit 🙂

Up to now, the savage, deserted, huge and practically unihabitated, unspoiled and beautiful beyond expectation west Patagonia. By far. Tierra del Furgo and generally the Andes are very beautiful too.