I’m planning a short vacation to visit the US in December. What parts in the US have great tourist attractions?

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1. Atlanta: Atlanta is a financial signal in the Deep South. Here you’ll discover remainders of Antebellum South, landmarks to the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and in addition world-class settings for games, theater, and music.

2. Texas: Texas is a “Solitary Star”— ready to remain without anyone else with a gathering of attractions, from shorelines to huge urban areas.

3. Tennessee and Kentucky: From nation western and blues to the stone ‘n’ move hints of Elvis Presley, music strikes a chord when thinking about these states in the core of the South. F

4. Florida: Florida is known for the Latin flavors in Miami and the amusement stops in Orlando, it is without a doubt a piece of the South—in any event, geologically.

5. New Orleans: Visitors to New Orleans can experience the Cajun and Creole societies not discovered anyplace else in the locale, and also tune in to awesome music at spots, for example, Davenport Lounge.

6. The Carolinas, Charleston, and Savannah: Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, are two of the most sophisticated urban areas in the South. Both are saturated with Civil War history. In any case, each likewise has a creative side that draws in craftsmen, top gourmet specialists, and extravagance shopping.

December will be Christmas time, New York City is known for Christmas. In December, I’d suggest more southern locations in general though. Places like New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles won’t be too cold during December. Also, people mentioned Hawaii, and it won’t be cold.

Pretty much anywhere in the USA, but at that time of the year, you’re only going to find decent weather in Hawaii and the southwest.

I’ve never been to Hawaii, so I can’t offer much information about it that you can’t find elsewhere.

But I live in Arizona. Here you’ll find, especially during December, great weather with much to do.

Like the outdoors? Check out the Desert Botanical Gardens or three many hiking trails in and around Phoenix.

Like skiing? Drive up to Flagstaff and check out our slopes.

Want to see the Grand Canyon? That’s up there, too, though it’ll be a bit cold and snowy.

Gambling? Go hit Vegas.

Amusement parks more your thing? You’ll find plenty in So California.

Really, this whole region is quite lovely, especially during the winter!

The American west has beautiful Cedarbrae, and mild weather, it is very different than anywhere else. In addition, in December you not only want to consider Great attractions, but you also want to consider the weather. Arizona, las Vegas, and California how is mild weather and are very different and interesting to see. They are right next to each other if you could Rent-A-Car and drive between them. Arizona has the Grand Canyon to the north which is a very spectacular sight. It is a 5 Hour Dr. from Phoenix.

From the Grand Canyon it is only a few hours to go to Las Vegas which is really fun even if you don’t gamble. There are so many things to say that a two -three day stop there is very different and interesting.

California is very close to Las Vegas. You could drive to Los Angeles or for a slightly longer ride you could go to San Francisco which has many interesting attraction is. The Napa Valley, the wind district, it’s just north of San Francisco. It is also easy and not expensive to fly from Las Vegas to Los Angeles or San Francisco.

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