What are the ‘must-eats’ in Bangalore?

Adding to the long list here

1. Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice (Malleshwaram) – The menu contains 99 varieties of chats with names such as Ting-Tong, Hong Kong, Kiss and Crazy.

2. Egg Factory (St. Marks Road, JP Nagar and Whitefield) – Best place for all the egg lovers out there. Try the Classic French Toast.

3. Donne Biryani (Balepet, Chickpet) – This is the inspiration for the many ‘Donne biryani’ joints in the city. I would call this the pioneer.

4. The Chocolate Room previously known as Indiana Fast Food(Brigade road) – This is a franchise found in many cities of India, but what makes this one special is the Indiana burgers you get here along with their traditional mayonnaise.

5. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar (Basavanagudi) – Idli, Vada, Khara bath, Kesari bath and Filter kaapi.

6. Meghana Foods (Jayanagar, Koramangala, Marathahalli, Residency road, Indiranagar) – Their mouth watering Hyderabadi biryanis.

7. Koshy’s (St.Marks Road) – One of the legendary breakfast places of Bangalore.

8. Iftar during the month of Ramadan or Ramzan (Mosque road, Frazer Town) – Get all your meat cravings fulfilled.

9. Karnataka Bhel House (Basavanagudi) – One of the oldest chat centres of Bangalore.

10. V B Bakery (VV Puram) – Bangalore’s most famous Iyengar’s bakery. Try the Rose Honey cake, Apple cake, Congress bun and cream puff.

11. O.G. Variar & Sons (Rajajinagar) – Their sweet and salt biscuits, plain cake, fruit cake, oma biscuits and masala buns are addictive.

Will keep updating as and when I remember.

This are one of the best and authentic restaurants everybody must checkout in their lifetime.

  1. Adiga’s, ( MG road) well known for the Udupi food and it usually has a huge queue everyday for coffee and tea.

2.  SLV, (Jayanagar) well known for the delicious masala dosa and idly. Usually crowded at peak times.

3. Mavalli Tiffin Room, (Lalbagh road) for the perfect meal or small eats. There is a queue and limited tickets only. So make sure you go there early.

4.Cool Joint, (Jayanagar 4th block) for their yummy sandwiches.

5. Davanam Sarovar, (Madival) known for its business class food, cuisine and banquet.

6. Lakeview Ice cream parlour (MG road or Indiranagar 100 ft road) This parlour has existed in bangalore for almost 80 years. Nice flavours and old taste and feel.

7. Veena stores (Malleshwaram) for a nice idli vada breakfast.

8. Vidyarthi Bhavan (Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi) for their most famous masala dosa and Mylari dosa.

9. Indian coffee house (Church street, Brigade road) for their mutton cutlets, omelets and coffee.

10. Java city (Lavelle road) for pastries and small eats.

11. VV Puram Food street (V.V Puram) Head out in the evening and you will find loads of stuff to eat.

12. Stones pub (Indiranagar 80 Feet road) bad beer but nice place with great classic rock music playing in the background. Do try their pork fry and Dosa with chicken curry.

13. Jimi’s on Residency road This is the original Jimi’s in Bangalore.

Bangalore has street food vendors who’s work dates way back to when the city was referred to “Bendakaluru”. From then till now, the transition of food has been big and it has changed the way we look at food. This has brought new flavors to the local city, making its street food all the more appetizing. I have listed a few of these street food joints that serve the most delectable food. I hope you find it useful.(You can refer to this page if you want to learn more about the local food in different cities in India: Talking Street-Local food experiences & street food India)

V.V Puram street food: “Thindi beedi” or the food street of V.V Puram is a very famous destination in Bangalore. Situated near Sajjan Rao circle, this location is a foodie’s paradise. This is a list of interesting foods that can be found here.

Akki Roti at Shri Vasavi Chatnis:

Onion Dosa at Idli Mane:

Dabeli at Dev Sagar:

Gulkan and Ice-cream at Shivanna’s Gulkand Centre:

Fresh Juice at Shree Ganesh fruit juice centre:

For more interesting food sites in V.V Puram, you can refer to the following site:
1) What to Eat in VV Puram – A Photo Guide
2) The Ultimate VV Puram Street Food Experience Guide

Located in the north of Bangalore, Malleshwaram is another locality that is famous for it’s food. It boasts of some of the oldest eateries that seem to have been around for ages. Malleshwaram is a treasure trove of small, legendary eateries; here are a few local eateries that prepare absolutely irresistible food.

Shri Raghavendra Stores:Here, only four items are served- khara bhath, idly vada, kesari bhath and shavige bhath, apart from tea and coffee. Yet they manage to attract a large crowd, at all times of the day.

Sri Sairam chaats: This is a student’s favorite hangout location; their innovative chaats (with unique names) are absolutely scrumptious. “Ting tong Masala” and “Disco Masala” are among the very famous dishes here.

Iyer’s mess: 56 years old, Iyer Mess is a lengendary joint that hasn’t changed much since its start. It serves simple banana leaf meals for lunch and dinner.

Hoai Ice Cafe: Located at the intersection of Margosa Road and 9th Cross Road, Hoai Ice Cafe is set particularly for the middle class individual. This cafe serves juice,burger, pizza, sandwich, tea and coffee.

For more information regarding the street food in Malleshwaram area, you can go through this link: 9 insanely popular street-side eateries in Malleshwaram

Jayanagar is another popular location for its street food. Some of the most famous joints in Jayanagar are: Hari Super sandwich, Cool Joint, Mumbai Vadapav, Hot Chips…etc.

Detailed information on these food joints can be found in the following links respectively:

1) Hari Super Sandwich

2) Cool Joint

3) Mumbai Vadapavala

4) Hot Chips Jayanagar

More information on the street foods located in Jayanagar can be found in this site:Explorer Diaries: Best food places to explore in Jayanagar
There are various other localities in Bangalore where the street food is extremely famous. You can find all that you need here: Talking Street-Local food experiences & street food India

Theres too many places like Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks opening everywhere. But I did advise you to ditch them all and go for some authentic restaurants and pubs.

1. Mavalli Tiffin Room, (Lalbagh road) for the perfect meal or small eats. There is a queue and limited tickets only. So make sure you go there early.

2. Kamat YatriNivas (Gandhinagar) for the very famous Jolada roti meal.

3. Lakeview Ice cream parlour (MG road or Indiranagar 100 ft road) This parlour has existed in bangalore for almost 80 years. Nice flavours and old taste and feel.

4. Veena stores (Malleshwaram) for a nice idli vada breakfast.

5. Vidhyarthi Bhavan (Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi) for their most famous masala dosa and Mylari dosa.

6. Cool Joint, (Jayanagar 4th block) for their yummy sandwiches.

7. Indian coffee house (Church street, Brigade road) for their mutton cutlets, omelets and coffee.

8. Java city (Lavelle road) for pasteries and small eats.

9. Bangalore sweets (K.R Market) at KR Market for their Shahi gulaab jamoon. The best you can find in Bangalore.

10. VV Puram Food street (V.V Puram) Head out in the evening and you will find loads of stuff to eat.

11. Stones pub (Indiranagar 80 Feet road) bad beer but nice place with great classic rock music playing in the background. Do try their pork fry and Dosa with chicken curry.

12. Jimi’s on Residency road This is the original Jimi’s in Bangalore.

In this globalisation era u get everything everywhere and that too in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore u get to eat Chinese , Mediterranean and what not. But there are a few things which is typical banglorean. As I’m a vegetarian I’ll restrict my answer to vegetarian dishes. Regarding vegetarian chats, it is broadly classified into dry and gravy chats. The chats include

  1. Masala Puri. This is a gravy chat which has a very different taste and u don’t get to eat this in any other city. I suggest you to have this in some local road side shop which is crowded.
  2. Paani Puri. You might have heard this before, but it’s absolutely different from North Indian gol gappas. The Bangalore vendors have a different recipe for this chat.
  3. Churmuri. This dry chat is nothing but an equivalent of bhel Puri but try this with special nippat masala which is amazing.
  4. Congress masala. This is also a dry chat which u hardly find in other cities. This is a different masala mixture with groundnuts. The groundnuts itself are different and are called as Congress kadlebeeja( kadlebeeja in Kannada means groundnuts).
  5. Other dry chats include masala on tomato slices or cucumber slices which is healthy and tasty too.

Coming to food “bisi bele baath” and “puliyogre” are typical Karnataka dishes which u should try in Bangalore. Rest of the vegetarian dishes are available in any part of South India. One should also try “akki rotti” meaning rice bread and “raagi rotti” meaning finger millet bread which is also a Karnataka dish. For above mentioned food I recommend u to try in “haLLi mane” restaurant in malleshwaram or “nammura thindi” restaurant in nagarbhavi or any good restaurant in basavangudi.

Sweet dishes include

  1. Sakkare hoLige . I don’t find words to describe it. U should experience it
  2. Chiroti. It’s a crispy dish submerged in badam milk. It’s a wonderful treat to ur taste buds and ur stomach.

The places to get authentic Bangalore food include

  1. Rajajinagar
  2. Malleshwaram
  3. Basavangudi

The entire Bangalore was previously confined to these areas. So for authentic Bangalore food try these areas

A  lot of people have already given quite a few suggestions for amazing food   places within the city limits. Here are some more that might come in  handy. Please note that most of these are very unique, still little  known to many.

For more details, check out the blog by Ajay Ananth – 5 Breakfast Ride Getaways From Bangalore

Bangalore  has always been a food lover’s paradise with a plethora of cuisines to  try out. With the growing number of folks getting hooked to motorcycling  & cycling, motorcycle or bicycle ride for breakfast over the  weekend has become ‘The Weekend Thing to do’ than laze around or meet up  for a brunch in the city. For many, the perfect ride has always been  the one that ends with good food!!

1. Renukamba Thatte Idli, Bidadi, Mysore Road

2. Preethi Canteen, Birur

3. Pavitra Idli Hotel, Tumkur Road

4. Vasu Hotel, Kanakpura Road

5. Ganesh Bhavan, Denkanikotte

For more details, check out the blog by Ajay Ananth – 5 Breakfast Ride Getaways From Bangalore

Disclaimer: I’m the co-founder of http://www.ezroadtrips.com

The Higher Taste Restaurant,Rajajinagar is a must visit.

Welcome to The Higher Taste, Bangalore’s first sattvic cuisine restaurant. At The Higher Taste, we believe in food as a philosophy and vegetarianism as a way of life. The Higher Taste combines the wisdom of the Vedas, with the flair of modern day cooking to create signature sattvic meals – pure, wholesome meals prepared without the use of ingredients such as garlic, onion, eggs, caffeine and never over-spiced. The Bhagavad-gita defines sattvic foods as being juicy, wholesome and pleasing to the heart, thereby providing subtle nourishment for positive vitality. Every dish cooked at the restaurant is first offered to Lord Krishna and thus in effect, what you consume at the Higher Taste is prasadam. We hope that this pure food will inspire you to see that for health, taste, and spiritual advancement, there is no better way of eating than to eat vegetarian food offered to Lord Krishna. It’s not only easy, it’s absolutely enjoyable. And once you experience the satisfaction of eating food prepared with the consciousness of pleasing Lord Krishna you will know what we mean when we say you have acquired a Higher Taste. Nestled on the top of Hare Krishna Hill, The Higher Taste offers visitors a menu which is nothing short of divine. A perfect end to a visit to the temple. At The Higher Taste, the ambiance, like the cuisine, is a refreshing mix of old and modern India. Rich mauve and purple motifs reflect the intricacies of Indian art and are complemented by dark mahogany and clean lines of modern design. A water cascade creates a soothing environment and adds a distinct note to the gentle music of the restaurant.

When in Bangalore, do not forget to dig your teeth into these delicious stuff!

1. Mangalore Buns – The Sweet Obsession

Image Source

A local delicacy of Udupi region, Mangalore Bun is sweet, tender and fluffy puri made of bananas. Easy to make, these Mangalore banana buns are generally relished with coconut chutney and sambhar. If you are looking for the yummiest street food in Bangalore, start with them.

Where to try: Chetty’s Corner in Serpentine Road and New Krishna Bhavan in Sirur Park

Relish with: Nothing tastes like a day-old buns eaten with potato bhaji or kurma. Mangalore Buns can be served hot or cold.

This one’s my favourite!

2. Dal Obbattu – The Kannad Delight

Image Source

Obbattu is a local dish of Mysore region and a popular street food in Bangalore. Locally called bobbatlu or puran poli, Dal Obbattu is made of toor dal, jaggery, cardamom powder, flour, and rava. It is one of the delicacies savored during festivals like Diwali and Ugadi. Obbattu is served piping hot with ghee sprinkled on it.

Where to try: Holige Mane in Malleshwaram

Shelf life: Dal Obbattu can be stored in room temperature for 2 days.

I know we can have these anywhere in India, but you’ve gotto taste the real thing when you are in Bangalore!

3. Idli, Vada and Dosa – The Southern Slurp

Image Source

The South Indian breakfast – piping hot idlis, soft vadas, and crispy dosas – is also the signature street food in Bangalore. These south Indian delights are easily available, affordable, and exceptionally tasty. They are best served with hot sambhar and coconut chutney. The neer dosa available at some outlets is an integral part of the Karnataka cuisine.

Where to try: Central Tiffin Room in Malleshwaram, Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Basavanagudi and numerous roadside stalls on Thindi Beedi at VV Puram

Must try dishes: Butter Dosa, Paper Dosa, Rava Dosa, Kesari Bath, Poori Saagu, Masala Vada, and Lemon Bath Dosa, which is made with filling of lemon rice and potato palya

Just don’t come back without trying this!

4. Bhaji with Filter Kaapi – Best Street Food in Bangalore for rainy evenings

Image Source

Eating the hot and crispy bhaji is one of the best ways to enjoy the typical Bangalore ‘mausam’. A number of roadside stalls sell these deep fried vegetable bhajis, winning the hearts of millions of foodies in Bangalore.

Where to try: Shivraj Bhaji Cart in Vijayanagar, Basavaraj’s Bhaji Bandi in JP Nagar, and Pramod’s Jalebi & Bhajji in Koramangala

Must try variants: Mirchi bhaji, Raw banana bhaji, Aloo Bonda, Capsicum bhaji, and Uddin Vade (Vada made of Urad Dal)

Relish with: Sold with grated carrot and onion salad, and dhaniya-pudina chutney, they are the perfect rainy day snack, especially with a cup of refreshing filter coffee.

Check out the rest of the lip smacking dishes Bangalore has to offer: Culinary Delights From Bangalore Streets

Rather than listing only “where” to eat, I’m going to tell you “what” you should eat. It’s just 1 simple thing – the Dosa.

The sheer range of gastronomic delights offered by just the ubiquitous Dosa, in Bangalore, is simply mind boggling. No other city can boast of such pedigree & so many brilliant dosa joints, each offering subtle yet discernible variants of the dosa, especially the Masala Dosa.

Here is a list of what I think are the must try Dosa joints in Bangalore (no particular order) :-

  • Mavalli Tiffin Room a.k.a MTR (the original one at Lalbagh, not the MTR 1924 franchise).
  • Vidyarthi Bhavan at Gandhi Bazaar in Basavanagudi.
  • Shri Sagar a.k.a CTR at Malleshwaram.
  • Janata Hotel at Malleshwaram.
  • Sri Guru Kottureshwara Davangere Benne Dosa at Basavanagudi.
  • Hotel Mysore Mylari at Basavanagudi.
  • Hotel Janardhan at Race Course Road.
  • Siddappa Hotel at Richmond Road.
  • New Modern Hotel at Basavanagudi.
  • Indian Coffee House at MG Road.
  • Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan at Basavanagudi.
  • SLV Corner Restaurant at Basavanagudi.
  • Asha Food Camp at Malleshwaram.
  • Food Street (actual street, not the name of a restaurant) in VV Puram.

You must have noticed Basavanagudi & Malleshwaram a lot here. These are old Bangalore areas, predominantly populated by Brahmin communities and hence, a South Indian Vegetarian’s delight. 

I could’ve listed some non-veg restaurants too but the scope was too wide. I wanted my suggestion to be specific. Hence, the dosa :).

Adding to the other answers, the masala dosa at SN Refreshments, JP nagar 2nd Phase is delicious, and generally on weekends, one will have to wait at least half an hour for the dosa, but it is worth the wait.

You must have heard of all the cool places to hang out at and cool things to try. But what I’m about to suggest is completely different.

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Well, if you’re looking for South India food, here goes the list –

  1. Vidyarthi Bhavan for Masala Dosa – make sure you get here early as there is always a crowd outside!
  2. Brahmins – For idli
  3. Taaza Thindi for Masala Dosa and idli – this is relatively a newer place, only 4 years old but I’m pretty sure its going to continue to become a legend one day (;
  4. Chaat Street in VV Puram during the evening – there is a wide range of delicacies to pamper your taste buds (;
  5. Dinner/Lunch at Truffles – St. Mark’s road, Koramangala. Probably the best burger or stake you will ever eat! Non-alcoholic drinks are amazing too and the desserts are quiet amazing.

Well.. I am from North so I can tell u places where u will get good north indian food.
tea: Disney bakery. . Awesome tea, bun samosa.
Lunch/dinner: barbeque nation(bit costly but worth), dejavu
Drinks: Toit(don’t forget to try nachos there) and 13th floor and many more pubs in Indranagar
Sweets: Anand sweets.

I hope I have covered it all.

Happy eating! 🙂

Well, I have not eaten out much in Bangalore. But I can tell you that you shouldn’t miss Corner House. The Death by Chocolate they serve is simply out of this world!!!

Don’t get misguided by how simple it looks!! It’s one of the best things I have ever had!!!

Bangalore hosts Indians from every single state and offer a cuisine spread that starts from Kashmir (An HSR Layout restaurant) to Kerala (All the mess behind Christ University, S G Palya Road)

Do head out to the biggest iftari treats in Bangalore this season though. Iftari, Mosque Road Chapter and Top 5 pick of Iftar special, Kormangala Chapter

Bangalore is a city which is famous for 2 things – IT businesses and food. I have been to Bangalore many times and tried out many things. But there are some specific things which I love such as:

Hot and spicy Masala Dosa

Dal Holige

Coffee(Must have)

Tikki poori

The list will be a long one and the best thing is that every place a has a unique taste. I was using an app called as foodeebuddee which helps to find all the awesome places. You can download the app from here: http://onelink.to/vasqta or even visit their website: One Food Platform for everyone For more details you can also refer one of my answer Neesha Bhatia’s answer to While in Bangalore, what are the must see places and must eat foods?

As someone who no longer lives in Bangalore and have plenty of family who have also moved away I know the things we miss. Its not any restaurant- it is all the stuff you can buy off carts – poly mango, guavas of the kind you cannot get elsewhere  with chilli and salt, butta(corn) roasted with lime and chilli, gooseberrie, groundnuts roasted or boiled – these are things that evoke childhood and youth specific memories of Bangalore. There is kshir Kadam from K.C. Das.

Hi ,

Madurai idli

Chicken Dosa in Empire

BisiBele Bath

Benne Dosa

Akki Roti

Seekh Rolls

During my visit to bangalore we booked a homestay in bangalore . Our owner told us about few places which we can explore. So we this places and the yummiest foods ever. Thanks to heybnb for the lovely accomodation.

If you are a foodie that to vegetarian you should visit VV puram food street! Paradise for food lovers and you can get endless menu, and coming to famous eat outs you should visit Truffles kormanagala they will serve the best burgers and lasagna, for budget and spicy biriyani you should visit Meghana’s Biriyani

Adding to the below list, Janata Hotel malleshwaram is one of the best place for Vada sambar 🙂

you may also visit Bombay dosa corner at the Vita life lane, AECS Layout where they sell variety of Dosas like Schezwan, beetroot dosa, Paneer dosa which are the best